rosy boa

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Noun1.rosy boa - boa of rocky desert of southwestern United States
boa - any of several chiefly tropical constrictors with vestigial hind limbs
genus Lichanura, Lichanura - boas of western North America
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The tarantula grabs their attention pretty fast," said Lowry, "but you ought to see their reaction when we bring out the rosy boa.
When her friends come over, she lets them hold her rosy boa to help them overcome any fears they might have, she said.
Johnson said the animals - including two great horned owls, an American kestrel, two red-tailed hawks, two gopher snakes, two king snakes and a rosy boa snake - seemed oblivious to the change, happy to gobble up the 15 rats and 15 mice on the weekly menu.
The land is home to streams, waterfalls, a Tatavium American Indian village site and more than 20 species considered candidates for federally endangered species status - including the mountain quail, the coastal rosy boa and the black-tailed hare.