rotary actuator

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Noun1.rotary actuator - (computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track
actuator - a mechanism that puts something into automatic action
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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Tenders are invited for Pneumatic 3 Way Plug Valve,Pneumatic Piston Rotary Actuator, Mechanical With 2 Mounted Limit Switch In Limit Switch Box For Indicating Switch Position.
The hardened carbide steel tip features an updated hydraulic rotary actuator, an increase range of motion (up to 280[degrees]), longer piercing depth and a decreased overall width for better visibility.
The VRAD-1510 low-power rotary actuator significantly increases the speed, range of rotation, response, and precision of motor shaft movement while reducing the actuator's cost by at least one-third compared to existing devices.
Pangolin Laser Systems (Orlando, FL) has introduced a new low-power rotary actuator based on a dual-coil, segmented stator design.
And the first rotary actuator disc drives, the type now used in all computers, were developed by British engineers at IBM.
The topics include processing materials by electric discharge assisted mechanical milling, structural investigations of iron-based sintered alloys after plasma nitriding, ultrafine-grained copper alloys processed by continuous repetitive corrugation and straightening methods, and shape-memory alloy thin-strip rotary actuator.
Additional technologies include an all-in-one wheel system that combines rotary actuator propulsion, steering and suspension functions.
The model features a 3D lattice, mono-formed frame, and an all-in-one wheel system that combines rotary actuator propulsion, steering and suspension functions.
The device is a brushless rotary actuator with higher torque boost capability.
Also featured in the literature is internal mixer door top rebuilding, a new 200 hp low speed coupling and chain set, repairs such as machining of hydraulic press cylinders, continuous mixer rotor and bearing assemblies, new control systems built to suit, in-house crane capabilities, including loading of a new three roll calender, hydraulic press cylinder rebuilding and repairs, replacement adjustment screws and mechanical shear disks/ pins, new control panels, a new chrome plated barrel section of a twin screw sheeter, mixer chamber repair, a rebuilt rotary actuator for a mixer, new replacement bronze mill beating liners and much more.
Program/Project -- F-16 Leading Edge Flap Rotary Actuator Project Team, Defense Supply Center Richmond (Richmond, Va.
With DRF DirectConnect flange mount rotary actuators, payload inertia stops directly through an independent hard stop mounted in the turntable, rather than through the drive mechanism.