tr.v. ro·to·tilled, ro·to·till·ing, ro·to·tills
To cultivate or dig with a rototiller: rototilled the garden soil before planting.


vb (tr)
(Agriculture) agriculture US to plough (land) using a machine that consists of a series of blades mounted on a revolving power-driven shaft


(ˈroʊ təˌtɪl)

v.t. -tilled, -till•ing.
to break up (soil) with a rototiller.
[1935–40; back formation from rototiller]
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Although using pigs to clear land is a slower method, they are able to simultaneously rototill and fertilize with ease regardless of the terrain.
They spring up everywhere, causing us to rototill, hoe, stoop down to pull them up, and it's a lot of work.
You'll need to rototill before planting and keep the area watered and weed free to give the grass time to fill in.
I have hard clay soil and will rototill in the compost to loosen the soil and provide nutrient amendment.
Estimated Percentage of Residue Remaining Implement After Each Operation Inverting tools Moldboard plow 5 Lister plow 20 Mixing tools Field cultivator 80 Chisel plow, spear point 80 Chisel plow, twisted point 50 Rototill to 6 inches 25 Rototill to 3 inches 50 Tandem disc to 6 inches 25 Tandem disc to 3 inches 50 Spring-tooth harrow 60 Spike-tooth harrow 70 Subsurface tools Blades or sweeps 90 Rodweeders 90 FIGURE 16-15 Average corn yield after tillage treatment for continuous corn in Ohio.
A feral pig can rototill 100 square feet of rain forest in a single morning.
The committee will be responsible for the first plowing before the garden opens and will rototill in the season's first fertilizer.
As a last resort, you can kill the turf in the affected area with a non-selective, non-residual herbicide such as glyphosate (Roundup), and then rototill thoroughly, several times from different directions to break up and spread the mycelia.
You'll need to rototill or loosen up the soil before planting, keep the area watered and battle weeds as they try to take root before the grass fills in.
First, he waits for a dry, warm stretch to rototill his 3,000-square-foot vegetable garden plot.
If you are going to finish up your spring cleaning with your rototiller, then put the chopped leaves on your garden before you rototill.
Of course, you could spray some chemical that would kill everything growing in your front lawn, rototill and resod.