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They are like mobile rototillers that can do massive damage overnight.
In Kentucky, many producers use older model tractors of 44 to 60 kW with rototillers or cultivators to aerate CPBs.
Tractor with attachments (trimmer-mulch-mower collector, sloping grass trimmers, rototillers, snow removal blade, snow drop rotor, mechanical broom, sprayer, chipper shredder, farm trailer).
Lawn and garden supplies include lawn mowers, garden tractors, rototillers and snow blowers.
The list includes rototillers, lawn mowers, air compressors, leaf blowers, chain saws, construction tools, jewelry, electronics, guitars, amplifiers, motorcycles, bicycles, riding lawn mowers and outboard boat motors.
As a bonus, they would turn into little rototillers, turning the straw, dirt, droppings and feathers, and composting them for you.
I just wanted a little tiller to use in my small backyard garden; I have two larger rototillers for my larger gardens.
However, the decline of the one-wheeled garden tractor coincided with the increasing popularity of rototillers.
The Quiet Cat catalyst/muffler is designed to be a direct bolt-on for small utility engine applications such as turf equipment, construction equipment, gen-sets, lawn tractors, rototillers, trimmers and leaf blowers.
Herds of cattle, horses and sheep have also left their mark on the chain, but the four-legged rototillers on Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the islets, have had the greatest impact--even on neighboring Santa Rosa and San Miguel, where there are no pigs.
City officials haven't yet suggested what penalties might face property owners or tenants who fail to fire up their rototillers or lawn mowers.
sold its line of SIMAR-inspired B-1 rototillers to Graham-Paige Motors in 1944.