rough-skinned newt

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Noun1.rough-skinned newt - newt of humid coast from Alaska to southern California
genus Taricha, Taricha - Pacific newts
Pacific newt - any of several rough-skinned newts found in western North America
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It's the same poison found in a number of other creatures, including puffer fish, several types of frogs, North America's rough-skinned newt, the blue-ringed octopus, and some other flatworms.
These include other flatworms, frogs, North America's rough-skinned newt, and the blue-ringed octopus.
For 26 years, the Adkison Bridge has transported Mount Pisgah Arboretum visitors from lush forest trails into a wetland sanctuary brimming with Western pond turtles, rough-skinned newts, red-legged frogs and greenery above and below the water.