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1. A skilled rider of little-trained horses, especially one who breaks horses for riding.
2. Rough Rider A member of the First US Volunteer Cavalry regiment under Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War.


a rider of wild or unbroken horses


(ˈrʌfˈraɪ dər)

1. a person who breaks horses to the saddle.
2. a person accustomed to rough or hard riding.
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Noun1.roughrider - a horseman skilled at breaking wild horses to the saddle
equestrian, horseback rider, horseman - a man skilled in equitation


[ˈrʌfˌraɪdəʳ] Ndomador(a) m/f de caballos
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The stadium is the first phase of the Regina Revitalisation Initiative and is a partnership between the City of Regina, Province of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.
North Dakota, the Unites States' number two oil-producing state, is not expected to jump Texas' number-one position anytime soon, but the Roughrider State's oil and natural gas boom promises to get even bigger in the coming years, according to Lynn Helms, director of the state's Department of Mineral Resources.
Living the country life has a close relationship with rodeo life and Armond clearly has his own connections with the roughrider culture with two versions of Gold Buckle Dreams on this cd.
On September 14, Hathor's board unanimously recommended that its shareholders reject the initial Cameco offer because the offer had been made prior to Hathor's planned release of a preliminary economic assessment for its Roughrider uranium deposit.
The new bid values Hathor at CAD625m, the bidder said in a statement, adding that a deal would make sense given Cameco's presence in the uranium-rich Athabasca region in Canada, where Hathor has its large exploration-stage Roughrider project.
The RoughRider is often what students are assigned to build in Hotchkiss' academic course.
Rio Tinto Energy chief executive Doug Ritchie said 'Our expertise in exploration, innovative mining techniques, technology and commitment to sustainable development will complement and build on the strong technical foundation established by Hathor at Roughrider.
Hathor's key project is the Roughrider uranium deposit.
The next time I go, I hope to distribute the RoughRider wheelchair by Whirlwind Wheelchair (www.
However, the Roughrider defense stiffened, stopping Grant from plunging into the end zone on fourconsecutive attempts.
Norton Worden (1901-92) was a genuine cowboy and roughrider.
Helmer Serrill gives only passing interest to most Roughrider players, few of whom emerge as distinct individuals.