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n. pl. rou·leaux or rou·leaus (-lōz′)
A small roll, especially of coins wrapped in paper.

[French, from Old French rolel, diminutive of role, roll, from Latin rotula, diminutive of rota, wheel; see rota.]


n, pl -leaux (-ləʊ; -ləʊz) or -leaus
1. a roll of paper containing coins
2. (Knitting & Sewing) (often plural) a roll of ribbon
[C17: from French, from role roll]



n., pl. -leaux, -leaus (-ˈloʊz)
a roll of coins in a paper wrapping.
[1685–95; < French; Middle French rolel, diminutive of role roll]


 a roll of coins; a coil.
Examples: rouleau of coins; of gold, 1884; of grey hair, 1876; of cheap repository poetry, 1795; of wire, 1825.
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Noun1.rouleau - a roll of ribbonrouleau - a roll of ribbon      
roll - anything rolled up in cylindrical form
2.rouleau - a roll of coins wrapped in paper
roll - anything rolled up in cylindrical form
References in classic literature ?
Early in the morning, the rouleau of gold was left at my door in a little box, with my name on the outside.
And in the innocence of my heart, I took charge of a rouleau of twenty-five louis d'or, which paid the expenses of my journey back to Paris; and only when, on my arrival, I went to the address indicated to repay the amount to M.
In the court he found Penelon, who, with a rouleau of a hundred francs in either hand, seemed unable to make up his mind to retain them.
SINCE FEBRUARY 2014, Major-General Michael Rouleau has been the commander of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), the Canadian government's force of last resort for operational command.
When Adele Delaney and her daughter, Violet, go missing, Jacques Rouleau is called upon to investigate.
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Former Sheldon High volleyball star Sam Rouleau, an all-America setter at Linn-Benton Community College, has signed with Oregon State, the school announced Friday.
While Rouleau may be exposed after six runs, Venturous is harder to quantify and steps into Group company for the first time after wins in a maiden and a conditions race.
Dubai: Charlie Appleby returns to Kempton Park's all-weather track -- a notable happy hunting ground for the Godolphin handler -- where he saddles the highly promising Rouleau in the Group 3 Sirenia Stakes on Saturday.
7, 1952, she is survived by her parents, Leon and Mildred Rouleau of Fitchburg; her longtime companion, Hank Hamelin of Lancaster; her daughter, Kelly Murphy of Montpelier, Vt.
Summary: With the passing of French writer, journalist and diplomat Eric Rouleau, the Arab world has lost one of its greatest supporters, MP Walid Jumblatt said in his weekly Al-Anbaa column Monday.
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