round-the-clock patrol

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Noun1.round-the-clock patrol - a continuous nonstop patrol
patrol - the activity of going around or through an area at regular intervals for security purposes
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We will be deploying round-the-clock patrol and police visibility in the area, especially on the first Sunday where we expect a lot of people will be proceeding to the area,' the MPD chief said.
Urban police directors spread in the six cities and five provinces in Caraga region were also ordered to conduct round-the-clock patrol in all air and sea ports, malls, markets, terminals and other public places as the long vacation for the celebration of Christmas Day and New Year's Day is also fast approaching.
Israeli soldiers are on round-the-clock patrol in the tense neighborhood.
All police units have been advised by the national headquarters to conduct round-the-clock patrol of residential areas damaged by the typhoon to prevent looters or thieves from taking advantage of the situation," said Chief Supt.
A police spokesman informed here Friday that SSP Irfan Baloch had directed all the Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) and Station House Officers (SHOs) to ensure their presence in their respective jurisdictions and carry out round-the-clock patrols.
Hossaini said police have launched round-the-clock patrols in wealthy neighborhoods to confront aggressive driving.
The 25-day occupation by the anti-austerity "Love Activists" campaigners cost the taxpayer PS200,000 after Merseyside Police placed round-the-clock patrols on the site.
The official said his department sends round-the-clock patrols and rangers to forests in the mountainous region to stop daily assaults on forests, but added that violators use various tactics to dodge authorities.
Brigadier Mohammed Al-Sha'eri, Taiz Security Chief, said that local forces have started to intensify their security procedures, included deploying round-the-clock patrols across the city, launching a renewed campaign to pursue armed men as well as banning the use of motorcycles from 6:00 p.
There have been round-the-clock patrols since international flights resumed in the fall of last year, and when early morning takeoffs and landings became more frequent.
The army has kept round-the-clock patrols in Tahrir Square since Saturday.
Security around the court has been beefed up in advance of the trials with security forces conducting round-the-clock patrols, China Daily quoted a police source as saying, and a ''drastic increase in security'' is expected in the city as large numbers of both Han and Uyghurs are expected to be anticipating the verdicts.