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1. A little circle.
2. A small circular object.
3. A medieval cap with a padded roll around the brim.

[Middle English, from Old French rondelet, diminutive of rondel, roundel; see roundel.]


literary a small circle
[C14: from Old French rondelet, from Old French rondel]
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1986 A mixed day at Goodwood for Dick Hern and Willie Carson, who win the Cup with Longboat and the mileand-a-half handicap with Hauwmal, but have a major disappointment when the favourite Roundlet is last behind Don't Forget Me, trained by Richard Hannon and ridden by Pat Eddery, in the Lanson Champagne Stakes.
What is the point of including an illustration of Francesco Botticini's Assumption of the Virgin (London, National Gallery) when the figure discussed in such detail ("his scarlet rolled hood, suspended by its liripipe, hangs over his shoulder; its gorget [foggia] hangs from the circular roundlet resting on his back") is seven sixteenths of an inch tall, and blurry at that?
Her hairdo, a roundlet at the nape of her neck, held by turtle-shell clips and combs, big golden earrings - the size of a glass rim - and from the necklace dangled a locket.
They can be a tad rubbery, but the chef had an ace up his sleeve here - he'd carefully rested them on roundlets of chorizo sausage and then treated it all to a mustard vinaigrette dressing.