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1. often round table A conference or discussion involving several participants.
2. Round Table
a. In Arthurian legend, the circular table of King Arthur and his knights.
b. The knights of King Arthur considered as a group.
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Noun1.roundtable - a meeting of peers for discussion and exchange of viewsroundtable - a meeting of peers for discussion and exchange of views; "a roundtable on the future of computing"
group discussion, conference - a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Heller Ehrman LLP's Opt-In Project is taking another step forward this week as the firm hosts a roundtable discussion about strategies and methodologies that professional services firms use to retain and advance women in the workplace.
The TeleManagement Forum announced today that it will collaborate with Business Week magazine on a special magazine section and complementary roundtable focused on Telecom Business Transformation.
SEATTLE -- Advanced Clinical Software (ACS), the makers of StudyManager(TM), the industry-leading clinical trial management solution, announced today that it has joined the Clinical Research Forum IT Roundtable (CRF).
SEATTLE -- Utopy will tomorrow hold the inaugural event for its Executive Roundtable seminar program.
During the roundtable, he defined the central research challenge of demand management as, "Determining the strategies, methods and principles that optimally leverage supply and demand over time.
StrongMail, AOL, JupiterResearch and Other Influencers Converge at DM News Roundtable to Examine the Challenges Posed by Email Abuse and How the Industry Can Solve Them Through Email Accountability
The first roundtable event will take place July 25 in Portland, Oregon, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), the SBA, and other organizations.
Nineteen women, who are retailers, manufacturers, distributors and NRHA staff members, are implementing new business practices, improving their businesses and working together more closely after attending NRHA's first annual Women's Leadership Roundtable.
Being touted as "the best deal in town" by program chair Larry Goodman, this year's Federal Judicial Roundtable is set for June 28, beginning at 1:30 p.
The occasion was the Third International Roundtable on "Constructing Peace, Deconstructing Terror" at the European Parliament, Brussels.
A majority of the private sector members on the Roundtable on Higher Education (See Attachment-A) gathered at the Corporate Adventures training center in Kathryn, North Dakota, on April 5, 2006.