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n. New England
A second crop, as of hay, in a season.

[Middle English rowein, from Anglo-Norman rewain, variant of Old French regain : re-, re- + gaaignier, to till; see gain1.]


another word for aftermath2
[C14 reywayn, corresponding to Old French regaïn, from re- + gaïn rowen, from gaignier to till, earn; see gain1]


(ˈraʊ ən)

the second crop of grass or hay in a season; aftermath.
[1300–50; Middle English reywayn < Old North French *rewain, Old French regaïn= re- re- + gaïn aftermath < Gallo-Romance *waidimen = Frankish waida (compare Old High German weida meadow, fodder) + Latin -i-men n. suffix of result; compare gain1]
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As the frugal farmer takes care that his cattle shall eat down the rowen, and swine shall eat the waste of his house, and poultry shall pick the crumbs,--so our economical mother dispatches a new genius and habit of mind into every district and condition of existence, plants an eye wherever a new ray of light can fall, and gathering up into some man every property in the universe, establishes thousandfold occult mutual attractions among her offspring, that all this wash and waste of power may be imparted and exchanged.
One of a series of portraits of Birmingham artists commissioned from photographers David Rowen and Ravi Deepres in connection with The Art of Ideas.
Rowen, looking for interesting nuggets to use in our marketing.
Steve Rowen, claims inspector for the Staffordshire-based company Fire and Flood Restoration, said: "We expect to be on site for the next four or five weeks, cleaning everything from the 22 metre high ceiling to the floor.
It should be smooth sailing," said Robyn Rowen of the National Association of Independent Insurers.
After earning an early lead, Rowen Shepherd's men blew it by giving away three tries in quick succession.
Scotland full-back Rowen Shepherd will take over the Melrose kicking duties from Gary Parker who has joined grid-iron's Scottish Claymores.
Rowen was a self-deluded woman who believed what she preached or a total charlatan.
Sony's engineers realize the value of using a configurable processor to lower power and significantly improve performance in hand-held, battery powered devices," stated Chris Rowen, Tensilica's president and CEO.
OTHER COMPETITIONS: Christmas Tree: 1) Glesni & Elen, Llangybi; 2) Efa & Modlen, Ysbyty Ifan; 3) Lora & Mared, Rowen.
In PEO Solution, Peskin brings on board Robert Rowen, MD, who is a practicing oxidative-therapy physician and author of the newsletter "Second Opinion," to bring a vegetarian's perspective about how adulterated omega-6 fats and excess omega-3 fish oil are endangering our health.
WORCESTER - Worcester Academy junior Rowen Price of Northboro swam in the June 22 Against the Tide event for breast cancer.