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1. A loose mass of angular fragments of rock or masonry crumbled by natural or human forces.
a. Irregular fragments or pieces of rock used in masonry.
b. The masonry made with such rocks.

[Middle English rubel.]

rub′bly adj.
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Come April, a swathe of rubbly, grassy earth out front will be planted with vines.
There is much that seems romantically pastoral about Malta's food scene, but the rubbly charm and high levels of deliciousness often belies the work involved.
The limbs and plunging formations are Early Eocene Drug rubbly limestone and Baska gypsum and shales of Chamalang (Ghazij) Group, Middle Eocene Habib Rahi limestone, Domanda shale, Pirkoh marl/limestone and Drazinda shale of Kahan Group, Oligocene Chitarwata (ferruginous sandstone, conglomerate and shale), Miocene Vihowa (red muds and sandstone) and Litra (greenish grey sandstone with some red muds) and Pliocene Chaudhwan (alternated sandstone and maroon muds) of Vihowa Group and Pleistocene Dada (conglomerate) and Holocene Sakhi Sarwar (clays, sandstone and conglomerates) ofSakhi Sarwar Group.
1 Tip all the ingredients except the almonds into a food processor and pulse until you have a rubbly looking mixture.
At Atlantis Bank, the fractured rubbly debris created by faulting had been eroded away, exposing a surface of coarse lower-crust gabbro, which proved easy to drill.
I'll be trekking over 120 miles up and down rubbly steps, mountainous terrain and dusty paths fulfilling my own midlife crisis and hopefully doing a lot of good for charity too.
Because most of their squad - including star duo Mohammad Nabi and Hamid Hassan - learned the game in rubbly refugee camps in Peshawar, Pakistan, after the bombs and explosions in Kabul and Jalalabad forced their families to flee.
Rubbly bedrock here means a maze of underwater interstices, submerged and connected hallways and cubbyholes among boulders and cobbles where adult stoneflies might spend their short lives dining on their own kin's larvae while crayfish feast on carrion.
The percolating water enriches the rubbly material with salty contaminants, giving it a different mineralogical signature than the cleaner ice elsewhere.
The mined rubbly ore was washed at the surface in gold dishes or small sluice boxes, with visually identified high grade fragments (usually with visible free gold) set aside for crushing by pestle-and-mortar before re-washing; as well as coarse gold, abundant fine pyrite was commonly present in the dishes along with fine free gold which was recovered by the late addition of mercury.
They thrive in poor, rubbly soil and need sharp drainage and lots of sun.
The MARSIS radar will also search for underground structures in the rubbly moon, which is probably riddled with caverns.