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An energetic massage of the body.


1. the act of rubbing down
2. another name for dressing-down



a massage.
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Noun1.rubdown - the act of rubbing down, usually for relaxation or medicinal purposes
massage - kneading and rubbing parts of the body to increase circulation and promote relaxation
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It involves a full-body rubdown before paying close and intense attention to the erogenous areas on a woman's body.
While Al Bustan Palace is currently closed for renovation, the spa which is just five minutes' walk from the hotel, reopened recently and can be your perfect weekend getaway to rubdown all the stress that you gathered throughout the week.
uk/ has a licence to kill in Florida Keys 9Dalton Istanbul's Cistern with love for Connery 8From Moore and lovely Taj Lake Palace in Octopussy 10Roger May Day for the baddies in San Fran 5It's Brosnan is Millennium Bond 6Pierce gets a rubdown in Himeji Castle 7Connery Lee and Roger Moore on the draw in Phuket 4 Christopher
The acoustic group Upstate Rubdown hails from New York's Hudson Valley and features six talented singers and musicians.
lt;BMarch 1976: Muhammad Ali gets a rubdown from his masseur Luis Serria during preparations for his world title fight with Ken Norton
A rubdown with a cloth dampened with paste wax will keep the wood looking nice and help seal against moisture.
I decided to give the entire stock a quick rubdown of Hoppe's No.
A vigorous rubdown, a walk around the high street and another rubdown later Harry was back on the scales.
Before you skip the doctor, make sure you know both the benefits and limits of a good rubdown.
If you feel it will be your only chance to try a hamam, go for the whole works (a rubdown with a rough glove, getting soaped up and a face and feet massage).
An Aussie rules coach said he had a future: "In the changing room doing the rubdown.
Caption: The red imported fire ant (left) dabs droplets of potent venom from its rear onto enemies, but its opponent, a tawny crazy ant (right), detoxifies the venom with an acid rubdown.