or rub-off  (rŭb′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. An act or result of rubbing off: a ruboff of color onto the fabric.
2. An influence or repercussion: a negative ruboff on marketers generated by dishonest practices.
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With so much of India happening in Flanders, the minister expects a positive ruboff on the number of Indians visiting his country.
It's saying we feel frustration at the events of the last decade, all the shenanigans of managers and owners, which we feel has had an effect on the reputation of the club and a ruboff on the reputation of the city.
But that's probably just the ruboff factor from being next to Massachusetts.
5 micron) Lumiclad finish is tightly adherent to the aluminum substrate with no ruboff, serving as a suitable alternative to black anodizing for many types of industrial tooling and machine components, large and small.
Theyare learning something every dayand good habits ruboff on them.
Rumney will no doubt be hoping that some of that success will ruboff on their first team who were hammered 73-7 at Carmarthen Quins on Saturday.
Cooper, now 38, first joined the professional ranks with Blues in 1983-4 and the know-how gained in a League career with Newport, Plymouth Argyle and Scottish FA Cup finalists Airdrie should ruboff on his team-mates.
Time was that many of us started as a sports reporter, then moved over to the police beat, then up to City Hall, then down to the courts, then took a turn in the financial department, then became an editor expected to know how to negotiate with labor unions and syndicate salesmen and little old ladies complaining about ink ruboff.
The Presto Black process forms a chemical conversion finish, bonded to the steel, with no chipping, peeling, or black ruboff.
The program automatically or semi-automatically detects/creates the parting line and ruboff surfaces to separate the core and cavity of a mold, which then form the mold assembly.
We reduced the density of the black soy ink to compensate for the [remaining] ruboff problem that occurs.
Its ruboff was also felt on ICICI Bank, which is yet to announce its results.