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n. Chiefly British
See robin.

[Middle English ruddok, from Old English rudduc; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Animals) Brit a dialect name for the robin1
[Old English rudduc; related to rudu redness; see rudd]
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But Ruddock says that while he is flattered by talk linking him with the Ospreys, his only focus is Worcester.
MIKE Ruddock insists the sparks will fly at Sixways this season as he attempts to transform Worcester from Guinness Premiership battlers to Heineken Cup qualifiers.
Mike Ruddock is returning to rugby as forwards coach with the Barbarians.
James Ruddock was supposed to be on patrol when he had sex with the woman in her home, Liverpool Crown Court heard.
FORMER Wales coach Mike Ruddock is ready to take his battle with the Welsh Rugby Union to the High Court.
WELSH rugby chiefs have attempted to close ranks over the Mike Ruddock affair - but they look likely to fail.
Mike Ruddock left Welsh rugby in turmoil after announcing his shock resignation last night - just 11 months after he inspired the Principality to their first Grand Slam triumph in 27 years.
BAD boy soccer star Neil Ruddock is playing away from home with a busty blonde ex-model, the Sunday People can reveal.
Joyce Ruddock, vice president of long-term care insurance for MetLife, testified on behalf of ACLI.
Wendy Ruddock, 37, told a jury that Ian Ruddock, 34, sounded panicked when he shouted on her to phone an ambulance after Olivia stopped breathing.
Financial advisor Ian Ruddock was charged with killing baby daughter Olivia nearly four years after she died in hospital.
However, according to reports, history could be repeating itself as Ruddock clings on to his post as Worcester boss by a fingernail.