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Strong yellowish pink to moderate orange; reddish.

[From Latin rūfus, red; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Colours) reddish-brown
[C18: from Latin rūfus]


(ˈru fəs)

tinged with red; brownish red.
[1775–85; < Latin rūf(us) red + -ous]
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Namadgi National Park, the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and our urban reserves provide important breeding habitat for the Satin Flycatcher and Rufous Fantail.
Additional Kane County highlights: spotted towhee and yellow-crowned night heron in Aurora, white-winged dove in Kaneville and a backyard rufous hummingbird in Elgin.
TIP: Bring your binoculars to spot birds en route, such as the brightly coloured rufous bush robin or the even rarer Bonelli's eagle and eagle owl.
In the female, the turquoise is largely replaced by rich rufous.
Among these animals are Asian box turtles, palm civets, reticulated pythons, red cuckoo doves, green imperial pigeons, rufous hornbills, and southern Luzon cloud rats, Andrada said.
The most notable bird at this festival is the Rufous hummingbird, who begins arriving in Ketchikan in mid-March.
Rufous means "reddish-brown" and comes from the Latin root, "rufus," meaning "red.
THE MAJESTIC JAVAN hawk-eagle used to glide unnoticed through the humid Javan rainforests, striking the dwindling landscape with dashes of colour from its rufous plumage and white-tipped black crest.
Although sometimes controversial, assisted colonisation to islands has been critical for preventing the extinction of some species, for example Rufous Hare Wallaby Lagorchestes hirsutus (Richards 2012), Gilbert's Potoroo Potorous gilbertii (Stead-Richardson et al.
Hematological parameters and stress index in rufous collared sparrows dwelling in urban environments.
The impact of variation in stopover habitat quality on migrant Rufous Hummingbirds.
Thorax: dorsally dark brown, with long ochreous to rufous scales; ventrally densely covered by long ochreous scales, latero-posterior margin dark brown to rufous; mesotibia doubly spined with 2 pairs of spurs, metatibia spined with one pair of spurs