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Strong yellowish pink to moderate orange; reddish.

[From Latin rūfus, red; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Colours) reddish-brown
[C18: from Latin rūfus]


(ˈru fəs)

tinged with red; brownish red.
[1775–85; < Latin rūf(us) red + -ous]
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Thorax: dorsally dark brown, with long ochreous to rufous scales; ventrally densely covered by long ochreous scales, latero-posterior margin dark brown to rufous; mesotibia doubly spined with 2 pairs of spurs, metatibia spined with one pair of spurs
Sitting there, I would watch for mule deer, of which there were quite few, the awakening of a plethora of bird life from magpies, assorted warblers, to tiny rufous hummingbirds, which, and this surprised me a bit, are the first creatures to feed in the early-morning light.
Celebrate the Annual Return of the Rufous Hummingbird and Help Them Survive the Harsh Spring
Google's animated Earth Day 2014 doodle feature creatures like Moon jellyfish, puffer fish, dung beetle, veiled chameleon, Japanese macaque, and the rufous hummingbird.
The doddle features a fluttering Rufous Hummingbird hovering over two flowers that make up the double-o in 'Google and when it is clicked and later changes to a hardworking dung-beetle rolling a manure ball around five times its size, the Daily Express reported.
OCA3 (also known as rufous OCA) results from autosomal recessive mutations at the TYRP1 locus, at least in patients of African descent.
One such preening creature (avian not human) is the subject of Cardiff International Poetry Competition winner Mark Tredinnick's poem, Rufous Fantail.
From these materials, we diagnose the species as having ferruginous stem scales that contrast with the large basal petiole-scales, which have atropurpureous centers and rufous edges; long, delicate petiole-scale cilia; 2-pinnate laminae that lack a bulbil; lanceolate rachis scales that are either entirely rufous or bicolorous with dark centers; long-lanceolate, rufous pinna-rachis scales; serrate pinnules with strongly developed spinules; glandular trichomes on both sides of the pinnules, and no true indusium (Figs.
Massachusetts birders began seeing totally out-of-range rufous hummingbirds in surprising numbers, leading her and other nature observers to wonder if this is another example in an increasing list of range expansions due to global warming.
Coloration of dorsal apical band is rufous red with a wide subapical buffy orangish band on head and neck region especially; darkest on tail membrane.
66 1 (Vanellus indicus) 47 Rock Pigeon R 104 (Columba livia) 48 Rose-ringed Parakeet R 11 1 (Psittacula krameri) 49 Rufous Treepie (Dendrocitta R 1.
Moreover, de Saussure's description does not quite agree with the boreal form of norwegica; he does not mention the rufous spot which is almost always present on the sides of the second tergite in the worker of 'marginata Kirby.