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1. Having a rough irregular surface: rugged terrain.
2. Having strong features marked with furrows or wrinkles: the rugged face of the old sailor.
3. Having a sturdy build or strong constitution: a rugged trapper who spent months in the wilderness.
4. Tempestuous; stormy: the rugged weather of the North Atlantic.
5. Demanding great effort, ability, or endurance: the rugged conditions of barracks life.
6. Lacking culture or polish; coarse and rude: rugged manners and ribald wit.

[Middle English, shaggy, of Scandinavian origin.]

rug′ged·ly adv.
rug′ged·ness n.
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Adv.1.ruggedly - in a rugged manner
بِخُشونَه، بِغَلاظَه
hörkulega; gróflega
engebeli bir şekilde


(ˈragid) adjective
1. rocky; uneven. rugged mountains.
2. strong; tough. a rugged character; He had rugged good looks; He is tall and rugged.
ˈruggedly adverb
ˈruggedness noun
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His face was ruggedly formed, but it looked like ashes--like something from which all the warmth and light had died out.
All his journeys were ruggedly performed; for he was always steadfast in a purpose of saving money for Emily's sake, when she should be found.
In vigorous reaction against the sometimes nerveless melody of most contemporary poets Donne often makes his verse as ruggedly condensed (often as obscure) and as harsh as possible.
Old Betty Higden fared upon her pilgrimage as many ruggedly honest creatures, women and men, fare on their toiling way along the roads of life.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty High Tenacity Ruggedly Ruggedly Designed For Long Lasting Usage With Minimum Maintenance Motorized Chain Electric Hoist With Manually Operated Heavy Duty Chain, Capacity-05 Ton, Lift 06 Mtrs Motor Operated With 230 Volts, 50 Hz Single Phase Ac Supply With Push Button Pendent Control Operatin.
Yet beneath the ruthless businessman exterior, Uggie was wonderful: charming, well-mannered, intelligent, affectionate, and ruggedly handsome.
Meanwhile, on a neighbouring remote South Pacific outcrop, more sexual stereotyping was achieved as the macho men ruggedly swore at each other and growled about violent retribution.
The Climax BW1000 AutoBoreWelder is an automated spiral welding system that provides high quality bore welding technology in a ruggedly constructed, highly portable and easily affordable package.
35 million-year-old skeleton has shown humans were "more ruggedly built" than previously thought.
The National Trust is currently looking for a contractor to carry out a cull on the seven-kilometre (four-mile) long island, which is part of Scotland's ruggedly beautiful Inner Hebrides archipelago.
In the same way Elvis Presley would ruggedly attempt to croon your trousers off, Jack Johnson instead soothed your board shorts back on.
The course takes riders through some of the most ruggedly awe-inspiring scenery the North East of England has to offer.