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 (ro͞o′gōs′) also ru·gous (-gəs)
adj. Biology
Having a rough, ridged, or wrinkled surface: rugose spores.

[Latin rūgōsus, from rūga, wrinkle.]

ru′gose′ly adv.
ru·gos′i·ty (-gŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


(ˈruːɡəʊs; -ɡəʊz) ,




wrinkled: rugose leaves.
[C18: from Latin rūgōsus, from rūga a wrinkle]
ˈrugosely adv
rugosity n


(ˈru goʊs, ruˈgoʊs)

1. having wrinkles; ridged.
2. (of leaves) rough and wrinkled.
[1695–1705; < Latin rūgōsus wrinkled. See ruga, -ose1]
ru•gos′i•ty (-ˈgɒs ɪ ti) n.


- Means marked by rugae, or wrinkles, from Latin ruga, "wrinkle."
See also related terms for wrinkle.
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Adj.1.rugose - of leaves; ridged or wrinkled
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"


a. arrugado-a, lleno-a de arrugas.
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The molars show rugose enamel, strong ectostylids, prominent median ribs, constricted labial lobes, and strong and divergent stylids.
They "were identified by an absence of longitudinal mantle folds, the presence of a lateral mantle frill comprised of a semi-continuous line of broad merged papillae forming a frill or flap along the mid-lateral mantle, the absence of papillae or rugose texture on the ventral mantle below the frill, and two distinctly separated frontal white spots (rather than a single simple or compound spot, or none)," the researchers said on (https://sites.
This virus is involved in the rugose wood complex as the agent of the disorder known as Rupestris stem pitting, and some of its strains have been shown to have a very close association with specific symptoms and disorders (BOUYAHIA et al.
Development and validation of kinetic model for enzymatic hydrolysis using Candida rugose lipase.
Most of the other macrofossils (gastropods, trilobites, rugose corals, cephalopods, sponges, algae) collected were taxonomically not identified.
Mantle muscular, rugose, with small, fleshy, irregular 'warts' over all surfaces (Fig.
triphylla were trilete, non-chlorophyllous, amber in colour, with slightly rugose perispore, and nearly rounded in shape, with little variation in size, 32.
The dorsal aspect of lower third of right leg and foot showed elephantiasis nostras with hyperkeratotic, rugose, verrucous plaque of size 20x15cm with fissuring, crusting and erosion and milky white discharge (Figure-2).
Remarks: Despite rough and rugose exine of the proximal hemisphere and clearly defined lete which are strong taxonomic armors to warrant institutions of a new species, I however preferred maintaining it as Cyclogranisporites minutus as such minor variations in exinal ornamentation are sometimes induced by differential compression during fossilization.
Pedicel erect or oblique relative to the stem, 10-23 mm long, green, rugose, scarcely pilose to pilose, with glands toward the apex.