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They both reared up facing each other, and I was expecting a furious fight, when a gurgly, rumbly voice, called out of the darkness to the right-- "Children, what are you fighting about there?
It's been a little rumbly,'' understated Bob Colli, a retired corrections officer on All Hallows Road in Plainfield.
Sounds and toys were pretty easy to pair: a "Tickle me" audio clip for Elmo; "I love cookies" for Cookie Monster; and "There is a rumbly in my tummy" for Winnie the Pooh.
We get a lot around here but this one sounded different – it was more rumbly.
He'll swish his little crooked tail as he jumps into your lap, and just listen to that rumbly purr when you scratch his head and chin.
Having recently supported the likes of Temples and Splashh, they've been described as "a rumbly slice of indie-psych-rock".
Attempts to change his diet, however, result in weakness and a very grumbly, rumbly tummy.
A bowl of cereal, a couple of eggs, a few slices of toast and honey should all put paid to that light-headed feeling and a rumbly mid-morning stomach.
Rumbly added: "Few punches thrown, loads of young 'uns jumping about, that's about it.
Although the car is sluggish and rumbly over the opening stages, once the revs build and the turbo kicks in, performance is pleasing.
Find out if it's a big hungry giant in the sky with a rumbly tummy that causes thunder and if Lola manages to overcome her fear with the help of Charlie and some wooden spoons and biscuit trays.