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Lord Kinnock said: "Denis had high intellect, great personal courage, charm and a sense of humour which was rumbustious and, when needed, lethal.
Apex (Angry Robot) caps Ramez Naam's rumbustious, idea-packed transhumanist trilogy.
In a bid to keep her biological clock at bay, he buys her a puppy, little realising just how destructive and time-consuming the rumbustious, seemingly untrainable Marley will be.
A rumbustious and at times over-wrought campaign turned out to have the most almighty twist in the tail.
Six starts in seven Premier League games and a series of rumbustious displays from left back have brought him to Marc Wilmots' attention after the pain of missing out on the World Cup.
The gypsy-inflected opening was suitably weighty, there were notable contributions from oboe and flute in the sylvan moderato dance, and the finale was delightfully rumbustious.
By contrast, the rumbustious battles and plunderings of Don Quixote came as a wake-up call.
Notorious Inglorious THERE was a tavern in Newcastle It's long gone now of course Somewhere in the Groat Market And called the Flying Horse Its clientele notorious Eccentrics through and through Built up a reputation As a fairly motley crew Tunefully each night they're led By a fiddler called Blind Willy Hard drinking and rumbustious And his good friend named Dumb Billy There's Knack Kneed Mac and Cuckoo Jack He would fair give one a shiver As a bargeman earns commission Pulling corpses from the river How Jackie quick up on the bridge Some gadgie's fallen doon Hadaway a get more for a deed un Came his reply Bring salaries at BBC into the open THE BBC's top broadcasters are said to be paid enormous salaries secretly.
Equally enchanting but written and illustrated in a totally different style is Between the Pages, the rumbustious tale of Billy and Jack.
Witty, charming and rumbustious, this Coppelia is a delight from beginning to end - well, more from beginning to two-thirds distance, really, but in this case two out of three definitely ain't bad
135 - their uncanny similar use of simple themes, unisons and development techniques separated by Beethoven's more conventional, rumbustious and lyrical third Rasumovsky Quartet in the middle.
RUMBUSTIOUS RMT rail union leader Bob Crow is courting the rival Transport Salaried Staffs' Association, and a marriage is in sight.