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A large drinking cup or glass.

[German Römer, from Dutch roemer, from roem, praise, from Middle Dutch.]


a drinking glass, typically having an ovoid bowl on a short stem
[C17: from Dutch roemer a glass for drinking toasts, from roemen to praise]


(ˈrʌm ər)

a large drinking glass or cup.
[1645–55; < Dutch roemer large wine glass, especially for Rhine wine, perhaps derivative of roemen to praise (as in drinking a toast)]
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Noun1.rummer - a large drinking glass (ovoid bowl on a stem) for drinking toasts
drinking glass, glass - a container for holding liquids while drinking
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His gills'll look rummer when he wakes; won't they?
There's rummer things than women in this world though, mind you,' said the man with the black eye, slowly filling a large Dutch pipe, with a most capacious bowl.
a sharp one, like this: it's very improving; but this little argument about women brought to my mind a story I have heard an old uncle of mine tell, the recollection of which, just now, made me say there were rummer things than women to be met with, sometimes.
There are supposed to be spooky goings-on at the Rummer Tavern
Michael Bevan LETS just hope we the taxpayer wont have to help fund it John Staley ANY chance of a slide straight from block U25 to the bar of the Rummer Tavern for me and Alcwyn Savage?
Brad Rummer, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the FLXfit[TM] in the state of Texas
The Rummer, just two doors down, provided stiff competition for the pub, boasting the best draught Guinness.
Ralf Rummer and the Cologne-based phoneticist Prof.
In another study on existence and effectiveness of price support activities in Germany, Oehler, Rummer and Smith (2004) provided evidence for prevalence of price support activities by the underwriter.
Trooper Don Rummer had just gotten back in his car about 8:07 p.
That was Frontman Str that when drum joined, after the rummer declared mmer Headon e recording of the group's 19album, th beaters.
The Shakey's chain was founded by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson and Ed Rummer in 1954 in Sacramento, Calif.