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1. One who illegally transports liquor across a border.
2. A boat used to transport liquor illegally across a border.


(Historical Terms) a person who smuggles illicit liquor


(ˈrʌmˌrʌn ər)

a person or ship engaged in smuggling liquor.
[1920, Amer.]
rum′run`ning, n., adj.
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Noun1.rumrunner - someone who illegally smuggles liquor across a border
contrabandist, moon curser, moon-curser, runner, smuggler - someone who imports or exports without paying duties
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Bevan idolised Don and Phil Everly and while playing with The Move he was invited to play with the brothers at the old Rumrunner club in Birmingham: 'It was like a boyhood dream.
We drive through Highlands, an old rumrunner port, and on to the Twin Lighthouse, which was built in 1863.
He was a rumrunner, that one," Gertrude liked to joke.
Even celebrity rumrunner Bill McCoy, the father of Rum Row, discovered upon his release from nine months' imprisonment that he couldn't go back because the smuggling racket had been completely subsumed by syndicates.
And because Bahama Breeze is a tropical-themed restaurant, drinks rarely seen selling in volume outside the Caribbean--the Rumrunner, the Painkiller and the Bahama Mama--are still going strong at the chain.
Try a Flava Havana Mojito or Rumrunner while you dine on Yucatan fish tacos and coconut shrimp.
Try a Hava Havana Mojito or Rumrunner while you dine on Yucatan fish tacos and coconut shrimp.
One of the stories, shared by Bob Doxsee, is that Bill McCoy, a legendary rumrunner, brought booze through Jones Inlet, making sure the booze was high quality.
Dexys Midnight Runners, UB40 andThe Beat all rehearsed alongside Duran Duran at the RumRunner.
Meyer once sat down with me and said, 'I was a rumrunner in the '20s.
Her small boats, Privateer and Rumrunner, were quickly lowered into the water.