run dry

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: dry - become empty of water; "The river runs dry in the summer"
dry out, dry - become dry or drier; "The laundry dries in the sun"
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His flow of language seemed at last to have run dry.
A cog must have slipped or an oil- cup run dry, for the postman brought him one morning a short, thin envelope.
The pen has spluttered twice in a single word and has run dry three times in a short address, showing that there was very little ink in the bottle.
The department has contingency plans to ensure that no resident will go without water even when the taps begin to run dry, she added.
Two well run dry cleaners in an excellent, high traffic locations.
Primary seal ring wear life has been a problem with these mechanical seals because they must run dry with high shaft run-out.
Just yards away at Springburn's Esso garage, supplies of diesel had run dry before noon and only super unleaded petrol was available at several pumps.
DRIVERS again faced lengthy queues for fuel today as panic buying caused pumps on Teesside to run dry.
Petrol station operators said the Government appeared "intent on creating a crisis" which could see forecourts run dry within days, as some garages start rationing fuel.
At no stage does the group ever mention racegoers, and if facilities are not improved, Mr Dixon, the tap will indeed run dry with racegoers voting with their feet.
Sharjah Petrol stations across Sharjah continue to run dry as retailers remain quiet.
Taps would rapidly run dry and sewage would hit deadly levels in weeks.