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1. a rung of a ladder
2. a wheel, esp of a wheelbarrow
[C14: variant of roundel]


(ˈrʌn dl)

1. a rung of a ladder.
2. a wheel or similar rotating object.
[1275–1325; Middle English; variant of roundel]
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Noun1.rundle - one of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder
crosspiece - a transverse brace
ladder - steps consisting of two parallel members connected by rungs; for climbing up or down
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Michael Coady, Adam Rundle and Denis Behan have all been in training and have all have showed good ability.
And Rundle made it 2-0 on 81 minutes when he slammed home teenage winger Danny Lambert's cross.
Rundle doubled the lead 10 minutes from time when he thumped home a cross from teenager Danny Lambert.
ADAM RUNDLE is delighted Gateshead have handed him the chance of regular football - but is remaining non-committal over his long-term future.
But soon after, former Penguin Canada executive Lisa Rundle filed a lawsuit claiming she had been sexually harassed by Davidar, and that the company fired her when she complained.
This is the confession of David Davidar, the sacked Penguin Canada President and CEO of Penguin International, who stands accused of sexually harassing and assaulting Lisa Rundle, former director of digital publishing and foreign rights at Penguin Canada.
However this autumn its founder, Ceri Rundle, was hauled into the limelight after winning two awards.
A TRY two minutes into added time from recalled winger Dan Rundle saw Coventry get out of jail in another nerve-jangling finish at Butts Park Arena.
CHOICE Sophie Rundle Brief Encounters ITV, 9pm At a recruitment fair at the community centre, Steph chats to the caretaker and agrees to go to his house to talk to his wife about hosting a party - a decision that may have far-reaching consequences.
James Rundle, 43, put an invitation on his YouTube channel for guitarists to send him videos of their covers of the band's tracks.
com)-- Emmy[R] nominated documentary filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films will appear with their new documentary film "River to River: Iowa's Forgotten Highway 6" at venues along Historic Route 6 in Iowa.