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or run·up (rŭn′ŭp′)
1. An often sudden increase: a run-up in interest rates; a run-up in food prices; a run-up in house values.
2. The period of time that leads up an event or occurrence: the run-up to the championship games.
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Noun1.runup - a substantial increase over a relatively short period of time; "a runup in interest rates"; "market runups are followed by corrections"
increase - a change resulting in an increase; "the increase is scheduled for next month"
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Coun Bruce Pickard, deputy mayor and new chairman of the Retail Centres Task Group, said: "Whitley Bay Big Local and the Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade got in touch to ask if we could help support the town by providing some free park ing in the runup to Christ mas.
The currently anticipated project list and schedule is as follows: 2015 Airport Runup Apron Design and Environmental Review/Permitting Services include grant acquisition, conceptual layout, structural and civil design and preparation of bid documents and tabulations for an aircraft engine runup apron to be located adjacent to taxiway A1 north of Runway 23.
As in previous years, events will be planned throughout the UK in the runup to and on Small Business Saturday itself, including an expanded nationwide bus tour, details of which will be announced later in the year.
Perth -- Crediting Pakistan's former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar for bringing back rhythm in his bowling, Indian pacer Mohammad Shami has said the former Pakistan speedster advised him to shorten his runup, which has helped him increase his pace.
Malinga had experienced pain in his left ankle after he had begun to bowl off a short runup in December, but he has now sufficiently recovered to begin bowling in the nets again.
5 tonnes of items in total in the runup to the event with the YMCA providing an additional 450kg.
Posters and leaflets will be distributed across Merseyside to educate staff in the runup to Christmas on how to report suspicious behaviour and ensure they have maximum security measures in place.
Owls chairman Milan Mandaric had allowed Irvine to sign the likes of Reda Johnson, Michael Morrison, Mark Reynolds, Gary Madine and Isaiah Osbourne in the runup to his sacking.
com will sell bikes and accessories and aims to cash in on the cycling boom in the runup to the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire in July.
METRO ticket machines saw a record amount of sales in the runup to Christmas, as takings passed through the PS3m mark in a single month for the first time.
Multiple myeloma patient Sally Kalksma, of Pine Beach, NJ, who has taken on the Empire State Building RunUp for the past two years to support the MMRF, began the race with Gelber, who finished his run at 7:59 a.