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1. An instance of breaking open or bursting: a rupture in the fuel line.
2. A break in friendly relations.
3. Medicine
a. A hernia, especially of the groin or intestines.
b. A tear in an organ or tissue: rupture of an appendix; ligament rupture.
v. rup·tured, rup·tur·ing, rup·tures
To cause to undergo or suffer a rupture: The accident ruptured his spleen.
To undergo or suffer a rupture: The blister ruptured. Their friendship ruptured.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin ruptūra, from ruptus, past participle of rumpere, to break; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

rup′tur·a·ble adj.


adj tank, pipegeplatzt; (Med) organ, tendongerissen; blood vesselgeplatzt
References in classic literature ?
I hold it to be the wondrously thin, ruptured membranes of the case, coalescing.
I didn't laugh -- I am always thankful for that -- but the strain ruptured every cartilage in me, and for weeks afterward I could hear my bones clack when I walked.
When at last we came to a badly ruptured bit of masonry, with hoof-prints evidencing a desperate struggle to regain the lost foothold, I looked quite hopefully over the dizzy precipice.
Here and there lay the debris of belated fugitives, carts, and dead bodies of horses and men; and where houses had had water-supplies there were pools of water and running springs from the ruptured pipes.
Some of the smaller veins had doubtless been ruptured.
In attempting to express his gratification, the Chief of Police thrust out his right hand with such violence that his skin was ruptured at the arm-pit and a stream of sawdust poured from the wound.
The joints of the legs that bear me up are not so adequate as they once were, when, in wild nights and days of toil and frolic, I strained and snapped and ruptured them.
If ever I have played dice with the Gods at the divine table of the earth, so that the earth quaked and ruptured, and snorted forth fire-streams:--
He had ruptured a blood-vessel, and he was a dead man before his son could raise him.
A related concept is "rupture without collapse" and was reported by Berg et al in 1995 to describe a ruptured implant without characteristic findings indicating rupture, principally a collapsed implant shell.
4] Patients with superficial penile dorsal vein rupture can experience bleeding from the ruptured vein and can present with a dorsally-swollen and mildly painful penis, which usually occurs within 24 hours following sexual intercourse.
Emergency exploratory laparotomy and delivery are proposed for the treatment of ruptured uterus.