rustle up

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rustle up

vb (tr, adverb)
1. to prepare (a meal, snack, etc) rapidly, esp at short notice
2. to forage for and obtain
يُحَضِّر بِسُرْعَه
rychle si připravit/opatřit
tína saman/til
aceleyle hazırlamak

w>rustle up

vt sep (inf) mealimprovisieren (inf); moneyauftreiben; can you rustle up a cup of coffee?können Sie eine Tasse Kaffee beschaffen?


(ˈrasl) verb
1. to (make something) make a soft, whispering sound. The wind rustled in the trees; She rustled her papers.
2. (American) to steal (cattle etc).
ˈrustler noun
(American) a person who steals cattle etc.
rustle up
to get or make quickly. He rustled up a meal.
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Kids learn about where food comes from as well as how to rustle up something tasty.
They'll need to rustle up something more exciting than a railway mushroom slice in a paper bag.
Above, parents and children rustle up their dishes.
The study also discovered that over 90 percent of parents said they have taught their children how to cook, with just six percent happy to let somebody else teach their offspring how to rustle up a treat in the kitchen.
In the award-winning butchery, the boys will be on hand with advice and cooking tips to help even the most inexperienced of cooks rustle up a delicious Sunday roast, whether it be traditional, fully-matured beef or something more exotic such as a marinated, easy-carve leg of lamb.
However, others seem to be on a mission to persuade us that with just a little know-how, even the inexperienced cook can rustle up something spectacular, and it's this category that Raymond Blanc fits into.
Liz will be posting five different cooking instructions on her website every week so her fans can rustle up the tasty dishes.