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1. Full of sorrow; rueful.
2. Causing sorrow or pity.

ruth′ful·ly adv.
ruth′ful·ness n.


archaic full of or causing sorrow or pity
ˈruthfully adv
ˈruthfulness n


(ˈruθ fəl)

1. compassionate or sorrowful.
2. causing or apt to cause sorrow or pity.
3. feeling remorse or self-reproach.
[1175–1225; see ruth, -ful]
ruth′ful•ly, adv.
ruth′ful•ness, n.
ruth, ruthless, ruthful - Ruth, meaning "compassion, pity," is part of ruthless and ruthful.
See also related terms for pity.
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Adj.1.ruthful - feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
penitent, repentant - feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds


Arousing or deserving pity:
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the ruthful vindictiveness, the fawning Pravda press,
Henry acknowledges both the misery of the situation and his own responsibility for it, even wishing "that my death would stay these ruthful deeds.
12- Plots and efforts by the global arrogance for diverting the Islamic awakening process from its ruthful path and course and its failure by use of their soft power and hard power possibilities shall be taken into account by all Muslims.