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rut 1

1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles.
2. An uninspired routine or pattern of behavior that one continues unthinkingly or because change is difficult.
tr.v. rut·ted, rut·ting, ruts
To make ruts in (a path, for example).

[Possibly alteration of route.]

rut 2

1. A regularly recurring condition of fertility during which breeding occurs in certain mammals, especially deer and various other ungulates: a buck in rut.
2. The period during which this condition occurs.
intr.v. rut·ted, rut·ting, ruts
To be in rut.

[Middle English rutte, from Old French rut, from Vulgar Latin *rūgitus, from *rūgere, to roar, from Latin rūgīre, to roar.]


in a period of sexual excitement and activity


A. ADJ (Bio) → en celo
B. CPD rutting season Népoca f de celo


adjen rutrutting season nrut m
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While many hunters believe that the mule deer rut occurs at the same time as the whitetail rut (and in some regions it's true), most of the violent rutting action I've observed occurred after the first of December.
The park is home to three varieties of deer - fallow deer, red deer and Pere David deer, and at the moment the first two are in peak rutting condition, and literally go head-to-head to compete for the attention of the females.
The article sets out to explore reasons for the development of shear strains and rutting in asphalt pavement as well as to suggest and describe the main methods for reducing the deformation.
In areas that experience extreme temperature drops, mature bucks that are exhausted from the primary rutting period will often try to feed heavily and conserve energy.
EACH FALL, I SPEND HUNDREDS OF hours afield with specialized photography gear hoping to capture behavioral images of mature, rutting whitetail bucks.
This year, there are two full moons that will fall within the traditional rutting period--the first occurs on Oct.
Rutting red deer can be seen in many places in the north-east and only recently I was lucky enough to go on Landrover Safari in Glenlivet where our group saw three large groups of deer on a nearby hillside engrossed in this fascinating breeding ritual.
Then it's time to switch to the all-new Power Scrape Finisher, which is specially formulated with the original Power Scrape formula enhanced with Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut estrous and buck secretions to mimic natural scrapes closer to the rutting season.
Q Can you tell me why whitetail bucks in northern regions are larger and have an earlier and more condensed rutting season than deer in southern regions?
The buck mentioned in my "hit list" feature in the September issue is the most confident I've ever been that I'd take a rutting buck on a particular day.