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rut 1

1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles.
2. An uninspired routine or pattern of behavior that one continues unthinkingly or because change is difficult.
tr.v. rut·ted, rut·ting, ruts
To make ruts in (a path, for example).

[Possibly alteration of route.]

rut 2

1. A regularly recurring condition of fertility during which breeding occurs in certain mammals, especially deer and various other ungulates: a buck in rut.
2. The period during which this condition occurs.
intr.v. rut·ted, rut·ting, ruts
To be in rut.

[Middle English rutte, from Old French rut, from Vulgar Latin *rūgitus, from *rūgere, to roar, from Latin rūgīre, to roar.]


in a period of sexual excitement and activity


A. ADJ (Bio) → en celo
B. CPD rutting season Népoca f de celo


adjen rutrutting season nrut m
References in classic literature ?
Nor was there any way, out of her inexperience, for her to know that the cosmic feel she caught of him was that most cosmic of things, love, which with equal power drew men and women together across the world, compelled stags to kill each other in the rutting season, and drove even the elements irresistibly to unite.
Producers of BBC wildlife series Autumnwatch used thermal cameras to capture footage of rutting on the Isle of Rum, in which stags lock antlers with each other for mating dominance.
EACH FALL, I SPEND HUNDREDS OF hours afield with specialized photography gear hoping to capture behavioral images of mature, rutting whitetail bucks.
Obviously, I would not shoot a doe with a rutting buck on its tail.
THE cooler Autumn weather may have arrived, but things are hotting up for the Fallow Deer at Knowsley Safari Park as the annual, testosterone-fuelled, rutting season kicks off.
Watching deer rutting in the Highlands has been named one of the best wildlife experiences in the world It's been rated above seeing nesting turtles in Oman or desert elephants in Namibia by Wanderlust travel magazine.
The buck mentioned in my "hit list" feature in the September issue is the most confident I've ever been that I'd take a rutting buck on a particular day.
But that was during rutting season and the animal must have felt his harem, his women, were being threatened.
Permanent deformation is a major mode of failure in flexible pavements consisting of both rutting and shoving (Hajj et al.
of rutting in just two years, the city opted to replace the turning lane with concrete.
TENSIONS are rising within the medieval deer park at Dinefwr in West Wales as fallow deer bucks prepare for the rutting season.