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(in India) a peasant or tenant farmer
[C17: from Hindi ra'īyat, from Arabic ra'īyah flock, peasants, from ra'ā pasture]


(ˈraɪ ət)

(in India) a tenant farmer; peasant.
[1615–25; < Hindi raiyat < Persian < Arabic ra‘īyah subjects, literally, flock]
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ELLE and HuffPost RYOT share a drive towards innovation and creative storytelling, and the November AR covers deepen the magazine media experience, increasing engagement.
com, or on the RYOT application on iPhone and android devices.
has agreed to acquire Los Angeles, California-based immersive media company RYOT Corp.
Although most states applied at least low-tech stamps to cigarettes, only a few expressly stamped little cigars or RYOT.
Fishermen were shown carrying boats marked with the name of the "news + action" website RYOT.
Boyd posted, sharing a link to a 1:24-minute video uploaded on YouTube titled, "How RYOT & Incubus Teamed Up To Help The Philippines
Unlike the Zamindari system, under the Ryotwari system settlement was made not with the Zamindar or any other intermediary but directly with the ryot (cultivator/peasants) of the land who enjoyed all rights in the land subject to regular payment of land revenue to the government.
According to sources, Reddy is likely to float his own political party called Youth Sramik Ryot (YSR).
This conjunction was established well before the civil war: in The Gallants Burden, a Paul's Cross sermon of Lent 1612, Thomas Adams saw the epicure as moving from one to the next: "First, they visit the Tauerne, then the Ordinarie, then the Theater, and end in the Stewes, from Wine to Ryot, from that to the Playes and from them to Harlots.
Clear to the ryot was that a strategy of confronting the saukar through the courts usually ended disastrously.
Women who 'lyuen in ryot daunsynge and lepynge in nyztis and slepe out of resoun on [thorn]e morewe and forzeten god and his drede' (fol.