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Thus, President Duterte can be called a 'son of a b_ _ _ _,' or S.
Incidentally, was it not that President Duterte once twitted S.
As our test holster was a right-hand model, this S.
Also watch: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.
Neeley told the Chronicle he had missed work because of the mistake, and he was worried "somebody who hates the police is going to come out there and say, 'There's that rotten S.
Biosite intends to incorporate AGEN's 3B6 antibody, specific for D-dimer, into its Triage Profiler S.
We believe the addition of D-dimer to the Triage Profiler S.
Additionally, in 1974, when San Francisco Ballet was in danger of folding and the company initiated its successful S.
Known for his string of Pink Panther films, Edwards went on to direct his wife in aseries of films that quite wonderfully exploited her comedic as well as dramatic gifts--films that included The Tamarind Seed, 10, S.
Harold Sommers of the 148th Engineering Combat Battalion, survivor of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, remembered hitting Utah Beach thinking, ``Hitler, you s.
Various/``More Songs of Route 66: Roadside Attractions'' (Lazy S.
Some of her favorites include Sidewinder, Big Mama and the course's most infamous stretch, S.