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having long, saberlike upper canine teeth, sometimes extending below the margin of the lower jaw.
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Adj.1.saber-toothed - having teeth that resemble sabers; "a saber-toothed tiger"
toothed - having teeth especially of a certain number or type; often used in combination; "saw-toothed"
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There were times, too, when faced by a mighty cave bear, a saber-toothed tiger, or huge felis spelaea, black-maned and terrible, even my powerful rifle seemed pitifully inadequate--but fortune favored me so that I passed unscathed through adventures that even the recollection of causes the short hairs to bristle at the nape of my neck.
The indications would be consistent with the presence of a saber-toothed tiger, such as are still found among the breccia of our caverns; but the creature actually seen was undoubtedly of a larger and more reptilian character.
com/4-extinct-animals-roamed-america-giant-sloths-scimitar-cats-2558799) including saber-toothed cats, (http://www.
Scat, Old Saber-Toothed Cat": Tiger, tiger, hunting bright /near the tar pits, late at night.
Now park bosses are turning their attention to more recent prehistory with a new themed area focusing on the world of woolly mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and saber-toothed tigers.
A full-time 10-member team working at an archaeological dig in Northwest Germany has found a nearly complete skull of a saber-toothed cat that suggests that the animal existed 300,000 years ago.
Saber-toothed Cat (Bumba Books: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts).
saber-toothed tigers, men with flint-tipped spears.
In the Ice Valley Experience visitors can take a trek through glaciers surrounded by snow and get up close to the Co Meath theme park's resident mammoths, cave bears, saber-toothed cats and giant Irish deer.
The saber-toothed salmon that once swam in the region may have been less saber-toothed cat and more tusky warthog.
com)-- Sterling Payment Technologies announced today that Saber-Toothed Computing, a Chicago-based technology consulting company, has selected Sterling as its preferred payment-processing provider.
Washington, December 27 ( ANI ): Saber-toothed cats and American lions were not driven to extinction by lack of food, a new study has revealed.