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n. Baseball
1. (used with a sing. verb) The analysis of quantitative categories to evaluate the requirements for overall team success and the specific effectiveness of individual players in meeting those requirements. Sabermetrics often employs more complex statistical categories than those used in traditional baseball statistics.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Statistical data used in such analysis.

[Alteration of SABRmetrics (influenced by saber) : S(ociety for) A(merican) B(aseball) R(esearch) + metrics.]

sa′ber·met′ric adj.


n (functioning as singular)
(Baseball) the statistical and mathematical analysis of baseball records
[C20: saber (from initials of Society of American Baseball Research) + -metrics as in econometrics]


or SABR•met•rics

(ˌseɪ bərˈmɛ trɪks)
(used with a sing. v.) the computerized measurement of baseball statistics.
[1980–85; S(ociety for) A(merican) B(aseball) R(esearch) + -metrics]
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Home field advantage will hopefully strengthen the Dodgers' chance of success, as sabermetrics gurus have long written about the advantages provided to the home team.
He levered Boston's big payroll with sabermetrics to assemble a team that won the World Series in 2004, followed by two more championships in 2007 and 2013.
We are starting to think about lead management the way the Oakland As used Sabermetrics to revolutionize the game of baseball.
I know sabermetrics and the possibility to drive in more runs and all this.
In the United States data, sabermetrics and moneyball is an advanced science and nothing is left to chance, as it were.
cc/WXV6-KDL4] (noting that although use of data analytics in all professional sports has increased, it is harder to adapt analytics to basketball than baseball); Reeves Wiedeman, The Sabermetrics of Football, New Yorker (Sept.
Bill James coined Sabermetrics, a statistical and situational analysis of nontraditional baseball player performance statistics.
Es un practicante fiel de sabermetrics (sabermetria), es decir, de la medicion del beisbol a traves de evidencia objetiva, estadisticas: medir la produccion individual y colectiva de los jugadores para traducirla en partidos ganados y perdidos.
Readers who are familiar with sabermetrics will not be surprised that runs scored is very important.
Some analysts point to the "Moneyball" theory - a reference to the book and movie that documented the Oakland A's baseball team's remarkable 2002 season, when their management used the statistical analysis technique of sabermetrics to identify players that the wider market undervalued.
James is one of the more well-known members of the Society for American Baseball Research and, in recognition of SABR's work, he refers to his statistical analysis as Sabermetrics.
In simple terms, sabermetrics is the practice of looking at individual performance statistics to better manage a baseball team.