sable coat

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Noun1.sable coat - a fur coat made of sable furs
fur coat - a coat made of fur
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The singer is said to have purchased a Russian sable coat and a silver fox coat worth a respective 210,000 dollars and 19,600 dollars at the Helen Yarmak store in Moscow over the weekend.
When Lucas finally gives in and goes to a boxing match in an attention-getting sable coat, he comes alive--and so, briefly, does the movie.
I wish I had a sable coat and a chincilla dressing gown and every other fur I could lay my hands on.
He added: "I wish I had a sable coat and a chinchilla dressing gown and every other fur I could lay my hands on.
This index tracks the prices of more than 40 top-of-the-range items, including a sumptuous Russian sable coat, and services such as facelifts by top beauty experts and hiring the country's most expensive lawyers.
She was spat at, branded a "scum-bag" and told she was exploiting animals as she walked around the city in a brown sable coat.
But if you're the guy dealing in the used bulldozer, or the full-length sable coat, Westly said you'll still probably want to use an escrow service, which oversees the transfer of money and product for a small fee.
If you've ever seen the 1987 British film, Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, you will surely remember an episode near the film's end: A wealthy white woman whose husband is actively involved in dispossessing the urban poor gets a huge "X" spray-painted across the back of her sable coat by Rani, a lesbian activist of colour.