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A native-born Israeli Jew.

[Perhaps Yiddish sabre, member of the first group of Jewish immigrants to arrive in Palestine beginning in the 19th century, descendant of this group, probably from Palestinian Arabic ṣab(i)ra, prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica, which thrives in the drier parts of the Levant), singulative of ṣab(i)r, prickly pear (also the source of Modern Israeli Hebrew ṣābār, prickly pear, sabra); akin to Arabic ṣabir, ṣabr, aloe; see ṣbr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) a native-born Israeli Jew
[from Hebrew Sabēr prickly pear, common plant in the coastal areas of the country]


(ˈsɑ brə)

n., pl. -bras.
(sometimes cap.) an Israeli Jew born in Israel.
[1940–45; < Modern Hebrew, literally, prickly pear < Arabic ṣabrah]
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Noun1.sabra - a native-born Israeli
Israeli - a native or inhabitant of Israel
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Sabra's and Oneissi's locations before the calls made from the first and second pay phones, the distance between the two pay phones and the time between the two calls indicate that either Sabra or Oneissi made the 14:19 call," the pretrial brief states.
Upon completion of the acquisition, Sabra and the current operator will enter into a triple-net master lease agreement on three of the facilities and enter into a triple-net lease agreement on the fourth facility, which is encumbered by a HUD loan.
Jurors do expect to hear 'why,' and I think that's a big problem for the prosecution," Sabra said.
Sabra said that interrogations revealed he was wanted for murder.
At around 1pm, Sabra received a call at work from the maid informing her that Ammar hadn't returned from school.
a 63-year-old Palestinian woman in Sabra said, pointing to a text message from her daughter.
The decision [not to participate] was made yesterday by the general secretariat [of the council]," Sabra said by telephone from France.
By the time of my visit all the blood and the bodies had been cleared from the narrow alleys of Sabra and Shatilla.
On the 31st anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, we take this opportunity to remember the victims of that dreaded episode and recall the importance of working to end impunity for such crimes ," PLO Executive Committee Member, Dr.
Cette annonce a ete faite par le chef de l'opposition syrienne, George Sabra, au terme d'une reunion marathonienne de la Coalition, qui a commence jeudi dernier a Istanbul, et qui a devoile au grand jour les profondes divisions de l'opposition syrienne.
Acting National Coalition opposition chief George Sabra issued the call for rebel reinforcements to the town as Syrian troops backed by fighters from Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah battled for control of Qusayr.
BEIRUT The Syrian National Coalition named veteran dissident George Sabra as caretaker leader of the main opposition grouping on Monday, following the resignation of Ahmed Moaz al Khatib.