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A native-born Israeli Jew.

[Perhaps Yiddish sabre, member of the first group of Jewish immigrants to arrive in Palestine beginning in the 19th century, descendant of this group, probably from Palestinian Arabic ṣab(i)ra, prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica, which thrives in the drier parts of the Levant), singulative of ṣab(i)r, prickly pear (also the source of Modern Israeli Hebrew ṣābār, prickly pear, sabra); akin to Arabic ṣabir, ṣabr, aloe; see ṣbr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) a native-born Israeli Jew
[from Hebrew Sabēr prickly pear, common plant in the coastal areas of the country]


(ˈsɑ brə)

n., pl. -bras.
(sometimes cap.) an Israeli Jew born in Israel.
[1940–45; < Modern Hebrew, literally, prickly pear < Arabic ṣabrah]
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Noun1.sabra - a native-born Israeli
Israeli - a native or inhabitant of Israel
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Erekat continued, "In 1982, foreign reporters wrote: 'How many Sabras and how many Shatilas will be needed for the world to put an end to this injustice?
Sabras were a minority, numbering about 5,000 to 8,000 in the 1930s and growing to about 20,000 by 1948, but they played an outsized role in the early development of the Israeli psyche.
Idealized often and proudly, sabras became nearly synonymous with Zionism.
People still call themselves sabras, but usually only when talking to foreigners," says Yael Adar of the Israeli tour company, Gems in Israel.
To underscore the loving process with which Sabra prepares its line of salsas, the brand is featuring in-field farmers singing to vine-ripening tomatoes in its first salsa advertising campaign.
The commercials are a fun take on nurturing growing tomatoes for a delicious product that is filled with love," said Eric Greifenberger, director of marketing at Sabra.
Consumers love Sabra hummus and look to the brand to bring them a little food adventure.
All varieties of Sabra hummus are gluten-free and certified kosher.