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 (să-käd′, sə-)
A rapid intermittent eye movement, as that which occurs when the eyes fix on one point after another in the visual field.

[French, jerk, jolt, from Middle French, from Old French dialectal saquer, to jerk, pull, variant of Old French sachier, to pull forcefully, turn over, shake up, from sac, sack (perhaps in reference to the shaking of bags of wheat to settle their contents); see sac1.]

sac·cad′ic adj.


(səˈkɑːdɪk; səˈkeɪdɪk)
relating to or resembling saccades
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Adj.1.saccadic - of or related to the rapid movement of the eyes between points of fixation
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Vision disturbances, dry eyes, saccadic eye movements, impaired sensations such as paresthesia, impaired pain sense, and impaired olfactory function are all altered in PD as well (Caballol et al.
Still, it involves behaving as if one were facing or witnessing the situation-behaviors such as breathing fast, saccadic eye movements, and/or the like (cf.
Clinical studies report that high-dose Zolpidem has demonstrated statistically significant improvement in UPDRS motor score and improvement in voluntary saccadic eye movement for PSP patients.
Recent evidence suggests that saccadic eye movements modulate hippocampal oscillations in non-human primates during memory formation (Jutras et al.
11-13) However, in most optometric protocols for evaluating eye motion, pursuit and saccadic eye movements are assessed separately.
Christopher Pack has shown that there are waves of activity that cross specific vision processing areas of the brain in defined patterns, and that these patterns are reorganized by saccadic eye movements.
It measures naturally and subconsciously-occurring Saccadic eye movements to help perform a task, such as selecting a displayed cockpit entity based on a pilot's or driver's gaze, said BAE Systems Military Air and Information head of research and technology Maureen McCue.
While there are no other studies describing FDT defects in blast-induced mTBI, one report described the application of FDT in detecting magnocellular pathway deficiencies commonly seen in glaucoma, saccadic dysfunction, and TBI [21].
In consequence of that proliferation of meanings, "nothing changes for this is the self-change of nothing as a saccadic variance, substantially composed of its moments in transit, in the field most winking and unrespected" (8).
In 2012, the company announced its partnership with i2Eye Diagnostics, developing a portable, patient-friendly eye-tracking solution called Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry (SVOP), which assists clinicians in the diagnosis of ophthalmic and neurological conditions.