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Shaped like a pouch or sac: saccate pollen grains.

[Latin saccus, bag; see sack1 + -ate.]


(Botany) botany in the form of a sac; pouched
[C19: from New Latin saccatus, from saccus: see sack1]


(ˈsæk ɪt, -eɪt)

having a sac or the form of a sac.
[1820–30; < New Latin saccātus= Latin sacc(us) sack1 + -ātus -ate1]
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Liquid spreads across the ovule's neighbouring surfaces, collecting buoyant saccate pollen (Tomlinson et al.
Flotation preferentially selects saccate pollen during conifer pollination.
An ovate, Spherical or irregularly lobed, saccate and clathrate colony of numerous spherical cells, densely aggregated within a hyaline gelatinous matrix.
are characterized by an apsacline ventral interarea with a convex pseudodeltidium, long, slightly divergent dental plates flanking a strongly elongate subtriangular muscle field and saccate ventral mantle canals.
Leslie (2008) found indirect evidence for the existence of a pollination drop in extinct gymnosperms in the extensive occurrence of saccate pollen in many extinct groups with concurrent ovulate structures, parallel to the same closely correlated features in modern conifers, as is shown later here.
From this and the evidence of its existence in early groups one can conclude that presence of a pollination drop is ancestral in conifers, but lost from Araucariaceae and those members of Clade I and II that lack saccate pollen.
Calyx lobes small, [+-] persistent; corolla sympetalous or polypetalous, campanulate or tubular, or perianth uniseriate, [+-] tubular, parts free, basally saccate, glabrous or with hairs adaxially.
Both species have "similar large scarlet flowers, pubescence, and peculiar saccate appendages below which is a conspicuous clear area [extending down the claw].