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 (săk′yo͞ol) also sac·cu·lus (-yə-ləs)
n. pl. sac·cules also sac·cu·li (săk′yə-lī′)
1. A small sac.
2. The smaller of two membranous sacs in the vestibule of the inner ear.

[Latin sacculus, diminutive of saccus, bag; see sack1.]


(ˈsækjuːl) or


n, pl -cules or -li (liː)
1. (Anatomy) a small sac
2. (Anatomy) the smaller of the two parts of the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear. Compare utricle1
[C19: from Latin sacculus diminutive of saccus sack1]


(ˈsæk yul)

1. the smaller of two sacs in the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear.
2. a little sac.
[1830–40; < Latin sacculus]
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Noun1.saccule - a small sac or pouch (especially the smaller chamber of the membranous labyrinth)
membranous labyrinth - the sensory structures of the inner ear including the labyrinthine receptors and the cochlea; contained within the bony labyrinth
sac - a structure resembling a bag in an animal


n. sáculo, saco o bolsa pequeña.
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1) Furthermore, the lungs do not fully develop until the age of 8; the alveolar maturation process continues from birth, resulting in an increase in the number of alveoli, alveolar ducts, and terminal saccules.
Laryngocele, laryngeal mucocele, large saccules and laryngeal saccular cysts: A developmental spectrum.
The endoplasmic reticulum showed dilatation of the saccules.