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a. A chief of a Native American tribe or confederation, especially an Algonquian chief.
b. A member of the ruling council of the Iroquois confederacy.
2. A high official of the Tammany Society, a political organization in New York City.

[Of Massachusett origin.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a leader of a political party or organization, esp of Tammany Hall
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) another name for sagamore
[C17: from Narraganset sǎchim chief]
sachemic adj


(ˈseɪ tʃəm)

1. (among some North American Indians) the chief of a tribe or confederation.
2. one of the high officials in the Tammany Society.
[1615–25, Amer.; < SE New England Algonquian < Proto-Algonquian *sa·kima·wa]
sa•chem′ic (-ˈtʃɛm ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.sachem - a political leader (especially of Tammany Hall)
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
2.sachem - a chief of a North American tribe or confederation (especially an Algonquian chief)
Indian chief, Indian chieftain - the leader of a group of Native Americans
References in classic literature ?
I know that they claim not only to have the earth, but that the meanest of their color is better than the Sachems of the red man.
That worthy sachem landed in princely state, arrayed in a bright blue blanket and red breech clout, with an extra quantity of paint and feathers, attended by a train of half-naked warriors and nobles.
Sassacus, their sachem, fled to another tribe, after his own people were defeated; but he was murdered by them, and his head was sent to his English enemies.
I made inquiries whether, in his researches about these parts, our mineralogist had found the three 'Silver Hills' which an Indian sachem sold to an Englishman nearly two hundred years ago, and the treasure of which the posterity of the purchaser have been looking for ever since.
He is a genteel savage; but let us go down, and give the sachem his tea; for I suppose he is a descendant of King Philip, if not a grandson of Pocahontas.
I have seen the head of an old sachem of the forest which at once reminded the eye of a bald mountain summit, and the furrows of the brow suggested the strata of the rock.
Among the ongoing sachems, a total of Rs 50 million has been allocated for capacity building in Design Assessment and Analysis to Ensure Safety of Advance Nuclear Power Plants, Rs 180 million for establishment of National Radiological Emergency Coordination Centre and Rs 56.
The others are the Mohegan of Connecticut from whom Cooper borrowed the name of one of their 17th century sachems (chiefs) Uncas, to become a central character of his saga.
This happened, for instance, when Narragansett sachems duplicated land claims based on government-approved treaties made by dissenters Roger Williams and Samuel Groton.
In the second article, "'Therefore Ye Are No More Strangers and Foreigners': Indians, Christianity, and Political Engagement in Colonial Plimouth and on Martha's Vineyard" Jason Eden complicates previous interpretations of petitions written by sachems of tribes surrounding the Plimouth area.
A 1957 Winchester High graduate, McElholm helped the Sachems hockey team win the 1955 state title and the baseball team to the 1956 Middlesex League championship.
People from Pharma companies come to us with different ideas and sachems but eventually we have to judge it whether it is ethical to accept it.