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A medieval instrument resembling the trombone.

[French saquebute, from Old French saqueboute : Old North French saquier, to pull; see saccade + Old French bouter, to push (of Germanic origin; see bhau- in Indo-European roots).]


(Instruments) a medieval form of trombone. Also called: sacbut or sagbut
[C16: from French saqueboute, from Old French saquer to pull + bouter to push; see butt3: used in the Bible (Daniel 3) as a mistranslation of Aramaic sabb'ka stringed instrument]



a medieval form of the trombone.
[1495–1505; < Middle French saquebute, earlier saqueboute, saquebot(t)e orig., a kind of hooked lance, appar. with saque (it) pulls (see saccade)]
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Noun1.sackbut - a medieval musical instrument resembling a trombonesackbut - a medieval musical instrument resembling a trombone
trombone - a brass instrument consisting of a long tube whose length can be varied by a U-shaped slide


[ˈsækbʌt] N (Mus) → sacabuche m


n (Hist) → Posaune f
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Henry was joined by sackbut players from Cardiff's Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama - Dafydd Thomas, Amy Harding, Cameron Duncan and Lloyd Pearce.
It's not every day you come across a Hurdy-Gurdy, a Gittern or a Sackbut The workshop and concert are sure to be fantastic.
For example, the sagbutt - or sackbut - is the predecessor of the trombone, "and the sagbutt sings like the human voice in a way the trombone cannot," Halls said.
New York dealer David Tunick, participating for the first time, presents A Seated Man Playing a Sackbut (1637), a closely observed black chalk drawing by Dutch artist Cornelis Saftleven, as well as Studies of a Woman with a draped head in an attitude of supplication, a fine sheet of chalk studies (c.
QuintEssential, a sackbut and cornett ensemble, perform music by Giovanni Gabrieli while new Royal Harpist Hannah Stone gives a recital in Kerry Church and the Paris choir Le Concert Spirituel perform Vivaldi's Gloria in Montgomery Church.
As always, the vocal ensemble Alamire is in excellent form, though the contributions from the cornet, shawm, and sackbut ensemble Quintessential are all too few and brief.
The sackbut was an early form of which modern musical instrument?
It certainly sounded very exciting the first time we tried it, bringing together Fabrizio Cassol (saxophone), Wim Becu (bass sackbut ) and Tcha Limberger (gypsy violin and guitar).
Such period instruments as Mexican baroque guitar and sackbut (a medieval wind instrument that was the forerunner of today's trombone) are used alongside the conch shell and percussion instruments that were used by the Aztecs.
performed to mellow tunes on the sackbut, while that for the knights was
The instruments utilized, usefully illustrated in the booklet, include the shawm family, the recorder consort, the crumhorn consort, dulcian, sackbut, slide trumpet, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lutes, guitar, harp, drums, and tabor.