sacramental wine

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Noun1.sacramental wine - used in a communion servicesacramental wine - used in a communion service    
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
vin de messe
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You have swallowed a snake in a cup of sacramental wine," quoth he.
The industry also returned to its religious roots, in a way, as shipments of sacramental wine increased substantially under the new laws.
There is, of course, Manischewitz, that syrupy sweet sacramental wine, and slivovitz, a throat-burning plum-brandy with roots in Eastern Europe.
Its sacramental wine, handcrafted by a local winemaker, is available to parishes within and outside the diocese.
Back in the early 1990s, we were focused on issues like Muslim firefighters who lost their jobs for growing beards or Roman Catholic congregants fearful of not being able to use sacramental wine in "dry" counties.
I mean, just about every altar boy, at some time or another, took a swig of sacramental wine in the sacristy.
But now they accuse the government of "trying to make us priests, but without the sacramental wine.
In Napa Valley, California, the Beaulieu Vineyards netted over $100,000 a year by selling sacramental wine to the Catholic Church.
In native culture, the large drum is often referred to as 'the heartbeat of the Native Nation'; the drum is a sacred object and treated with the same reverence as a communion wafer or sacramental wine in some non-native religions.
It was there in the ruby heart of the Sagrantino--the sacramental wine originally made by the Franciscan monks--which Franco brought as a gift for us.
filled cup of sacramental wine lay untouched on the table,