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a. The act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage, especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or a person.
b. A victim offered in this way.
a. The act of giving up something highly valued for the sake of something else considered to have a greater value or claim: Social activism often involves tremendous sacrifice.
b. Something given up in this way.
a. Relinquishment of something at less than its presumed value.
b. Something so relinquished.
c. A loss so sustained.
4. Baseball A sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly.
v. sac·ri·ficed, sac·ri·fic·ing, sac·ri·fic·es
1. To offer as a sacrifice to a deity.
2. To give up (one thing) for another thing considered to be of greater value.
3. To sell or give away at a loss.
4. To kill (an animal) for purposes of scientific research or experimentation.
1. To offer a sacrifice: The Greek warriors sacrificed to their gods.
2. To make a sacrifice: parents sacrificing for their children.
3. Baseball To make a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sacrificium : sacer, sacred; see sacred + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

sac′ri·fic′er n.
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Noun1.sacrificer - a religious person who offers up a sacrifice
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
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Ye do not mean to slay, ye judges and sacrificers, until the animal hath bowed its head?
This term has a well-known double meaning: the civil role of "premier, vizier" (63) and the cultic function of "offerant, sacrificer.
We have defined a "global" sacrifice as one by which a larger population is saved, and a "personal" sacrifice as one for a single person or smaller group (typically of personal relevance to the sacrificer, such as their friends or family).
The pictures suggest that the chin adornment would have been found associated with the central deity of the Tiawanaku and Huari iconography, in addition to the feline manifestation of the Sacrificer in Tiawanaku art (Figures 17a and 17b), in which the head of the feline bears a severed human limb in its headdress, in this case a human leg (7).
For John, the prince can be both "the image of a divinity" and "the image of an executioner," both god and man, both the sacrificer and the victim.
Ideally, one is the sacrificed and the sacrificer at once, as there is always in the human being this necessity of suppressing himself while conserving himself.
The nature of the predator-to-prey transitional era, before humans won the day, is the unsettled, blurred roles between victim and killer, and the viewers of the ritual feel kinship with both the sacrificer (matador) and sacrificed (bull) (34-35).
We receive this stark confession in the disinterested tones of someone who may be psychologically distanced from the horrifying office of public sacrificer.
And it was in the dark of the night that mediums would be caught up in the most violent trances, grabbing from the hands of the sacrificer the ram that had just been offered, holding it by the neck in their mouths, tottering along the street, which had been closed oil to traffic for the occasion, and coming back to the courtyard where they would spit out the offerings in front of the altar before collapsing in a frenzy of tremors.
Power ups like Sacrificer and Invincibility will be available.
The Kochadaiiyn the legend; Kingdom Run features four environments to play, option to upgrade to advance armour and weapons, power ups like Sacrificer and Invincibility and a mix of combos.
Rene Girard in his book mentions that sacrifice is something of a hot line between the sacrificer and his deity.