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 (săk′rō-ĭl′ē-ăk′, sā′krō-)
Of, relating to, or affecting the sacrum and ilium and their articulation or associated ligaments.
The sacroiliac region or cartilage.


(ˌseɪkrəʊˈɪlɪˌæk; ˌsæk-) anatomy
(Anatomy) of or relating to the sacrum and ilium, their articulation, or their associated ligaments
(Anatomy) the joint where these bones meet


(ˌsæk roʊˈɪl iˌæk, ˌseɪ kroʊ-)

1. the joint where the sacrum and ilium meet.
2. of or pertaining to this joint or its associated ligaments.
[1825–35; sacr(um) + -o- + ili(um) + -ac]


adj sacroilíaco or sacroiliaco
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They used chiropractic interventions such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, moist heat, and low force chiropractic adjustments of L4, L5, sacrum and innominate bones in addition to a sacroiliac belt.
The previous studies showed that the Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada (SPARCC) MRI index, combined with apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values, is a validated semiquantitative measure of sacroiliac inflammation [sup][9] and that contrast enhancement (?
a) Presence of or a history of sacroiliac joint tenderness and/or inflammatory lumbosacral pain
We noted pain in midline sacral thrust and while mobilizing the right sacroiliac joint.
The patient was provisionally diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 39 years during a routine x-ray which showed changes in the spine and the sacroiliac joint.
The sacroiliac joints were assessed and described based on the modified New York criteria.
A 39-year-old woman was admitted to our department from a rheumatology clinic presenting with symphysiolysis and injured left sacroiliac joint.
Manual therapists draw upon a number of physical examination procedures to establish indications for sacroiliac interventions.
Fifteen of the 48 (32%) showed clear MRI evidence of spondyloarthropathy, including sacroiliac erosions and subchondral sclerosis, while another 12 showed active sacroiliac synovitis and other acute inflammatory changes.
0 million line of credit, which SI-BONE expects to accelerate the marketing of its iFuse Implant System for sacroiliac joint fusion surgery.
However, the sacroiliac joints may be strained in pregnancy when the ligaments soften, as a result of childbirth or of overstriding when running.
SI-BONE expects to use the funds to accelerate the marketing of its iFuse Implant System for sacroiliac joint fusion surgery.