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Regarded as sacred and inviolable.

[Latin sacrōsānctus, consecrated with religious ceremonies : sacrō, ablative of sacrum, religious rite (from neuter of sacer, sacred; see sacred) + sānctus, past participle of sancīre, to consecrate; see sak- in Indo-European roots.]

sac′ro·sanc′ti·ty (-săngk′tĭ-tē) n.
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1. The quality of being holy or sacred:
2. The quality or condition of being safe from assault, trespass, or violation:
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It is not an accident, then, that this conception of a self-constituting, timeless subjectivity only emerges amidst the rise of the commodification of labor-power, Believing in the "equal rights" of one's private domain, in the sacrosanctity of the contractual relation that ensures "free" and "fair" exchange without infringement, is tantamount to an ideological reflex before the machinery that needs to reproduce its cycle, The important point is that, beyond this familiar critique of formal democracy, the very logic of commodification, or the process set in motion for the sake of realizing value, illustrates a tendency whose outermost consequences are becoming increasingly stark in today's hyper-speculative world.
However, in the postwar period, some writers have challenged the ideologies of the war and sacrosanctity of martyrdom.
The creation mythos cannot accommodate any family formation or sexual practice in which the procreant function is precluded, obviated, or its sacrosanctity is compromised.
the sacrosanctity of property ownership, the integrity and centrality of family and gender division, and the importance of religious (read Christian) values.
Villagers believe that goddess Nangpenghiu is as powerful as the other guardian spirit gods, therefore by virtue of her presence, the hill earns its sacrosanctity, which means removal of vegetation on the hill is forbidden.