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One who breaks into safes in order to steal items from them.

safe′crack′ing n.


(ˈseɪfˌkræk ər)

a person who breaks open safes to rob them.
[1930–35, Amer.]
safe′crack`ing, n.
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Noun1.safecracker - a thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contentssafecracker - a thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contents
stealer, thief - a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
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When safecracker Carlton McCoy is doublecrossed and ends up in jail, his wife Carol strikes a deal with mobster Jack Benyon to get him out in return for working one big job 1994 ***
A true high-security safe holds its value, requires virtually no maintenance, will last for generations, and can withstand a determined safecracker long enough for law enforcement or security forces to arrive.
Working alongside legendary criminal turned safecracker "Gentle Johnny" Ramensky, the now 90-year-old was involved in reconnaissance missions in Italy, gathering key information from partisan groups which helped change the course of the war.
Between rounds: First line of answers handed in wins a bottle of beer Jackpot: Safecracker, pounds 1 entry to open the safe for pounds 20 Comment: This large establishment with lots of student accommodation nearby should be able to run a trivia night easily, perhaps two.
Crowd-pleaser Safecracker got an early airing, Prisons merged into My Sweet Lord and little-known Astronomy was a standout.
The former safecracker is facing a pounds 100,000 breach of contract claim brought by veteran Sun journalist John Sadler.
This time he's Zed, a safecracker visiting old friend Eric (Jean-Hughes Anglade) in Paris.
The flamboyant businessman, a former safecracker who went on to build up a multi-million pound business empire, was held with close associates Richard Tennick and Ian Robinson.
He plays Jimmy Charles, a man haunted by the grim reaper,alongside regular characters including the Safecracker,John Inman's Antiques Man and daytime TV host Dave Davids.
But even with the help of an expert safecracker (George Clooney), the team realises the plan requires courage and daring - qualities they all lack.
Even with the help of expert safecracker Jerzy (Clooney), the team soon realises that Cosimo's plan will require plenty of courage and daring: qualities they all lack.
Also this film's executive producer, Clooney's brief but memorable cameos as a wheelchair-bound safecracker is also a comic performance to savour.