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Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness. See Synonyms at shrewd.

[From Latin sagāx, sagāc-, of keen perception; see sāg- in Indo-European roots.]

sa·ga′cious·ly adv.
sa·ga′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.sagaciously - in a shrewd manner; "he invested his fortune astutely"; "he was acutely insightful"
بِذكاءٍ حاد، بِحِكْمَه


[səˈgeɪʃəslɪ] ADV (frm) → sagazmente


[səˈgeɪʃəslɪ] advsagacemente, in modo sagace


(səˈgeiʃəs) adjective
showing intelligence, wisdom and good judgement. The old priest was learned and sagacious.
saˈgaciously adverb
sagacity (səˈgӕsəti) noun
References in classic literature ?
Not being prepared with an answer to the question, the Man with a Shotgun sagaciously removed the propounder.
And the Bellman, sagaciously nodding his head, Said "That must depend on the weather.
But, peradventure, it may be sagaciously urged, how is this?
As we presume therefore to convey only this last to the reader, we shall pass by whatever was said, till the rest of the company having by degrees dropped off, left only Square and the physician together; at which time the conversation was a little heightened by some comments on what had happened between the two young gentlemen; both of whom the doctor declared to be no better than scoundrels; to which appellation the philosopher, very sagaciously shaking his head, agreed.
But she don't mind,' he sagaciously added, puffing at his cigar again.
If he onth thaw it he'd want to thwap it," murmured Susan sagaciously.
Jennings, sagaciously smiling, as soon as the gentleman had withdrawn, "I do not ask you what the Colonel has been saying to you; for though, upon my honour, I TRIED to keep out of hearing, I could not help catching enough to understand his business.
Carefully and sagaciously the veteran knight chose out his men from the swarm of volunteers.
I sagaciously observed, if it didn't signify to him, to whom did it signify?
But the will being unaltered, while the threat to alter remained suspended over the nephew's head, there appears at once the very strongest possible inducement for the atrocity, and so concluded, very sagaciously, the worthy citizens of the borough of Rattle.
Richard sagaciously saw, as Jussieu observes, that this genus should still be retained amongst the Malpighiaceae.
We had been romping with the little creatures, almost as merry and wild as themselves, and now paused in the shade of the tall copper beech, to recover breath and rectify our hair, disordered by the rough play and the frolicsome breeze, while they toddled together along the broad, sunny walk; my Arthur supporting the feebler steps of her little Helen, and sagaciously pointing out to her the brightest beauties of the border as they passed, with semi-articulate prattle, that did as well for her as any other mode of discourse.