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also sag·gar  (săg′ər)
1. A protective casing of fire clay in which delicate ceramic articles are fired.
2. Clay used to make ceramic casings.

[Perhaps alteration of safeguard.]


(ˈsæɡə) or


(Ceramics) a clay box in which fragile ceramic wares are placed for protection during firing
[C17: perhaps alteration of safeguard]


A casing made of fine clay in which delicate ceramic ware is fired.
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These are middle-aged, middle-class people at dinner parties," Tony Saggers, former head of drugs threat at the National Crime Agency, told The Times on Tuesday, in his first interview since leaving the post.
But the game featured an incident which saw Collingwood withdrawn from his side's attack by umpires Peter Hartley, Jeremy Lloyds and Martin Saggers after he bowled two above-waist-height no-balls.
YORKSHIRE limitedovers captain Alex Lees has apologised to umpire Martin Saggers for comments he made to the media after Friday night's NatWest T20 Blast defeat to Notts Outlaws.
Among the 12 runners taking part is Grade 2 Aintree winner Topolski, who will be ridden by Emma Saggers, ticketing and marketing executive for the London region.
As the lead group started the second lap of four, Lofgren's superior strength and conditioning began to pay off and he managed to open up a small gap to Saggers and Aragones.
com "I can see Wayne Rooney being pulled off" - ALAN GREEN "It's about the smell of the play" - BRENDAN RODGERS "'Tottenham have lost all their European quarter finals since they last won one" - CLIVE TYLDESLEY "The Villa keeper, Brad Goujon" - MICKEY QUINN "You know what is coming when the referee is reaching for his top pocket - it's not going to be a toaster" - OUR VERY OWN MARK LAWRENSON "It was a case of footballing korma" - MARK SAGGERS "And for the first time, Callum McManaman has scored as many goals in a season as there are syllables in his name" - JON CHAMPION Spotters: Teddy Taylor, El Presidente
Lately I have been using saggers (containers made from refractory clay in which a pot is placed before it is fired) in a non-traditional way.
Listeners were shocked to hear Moore, 49, swear at radio co-host Mark Saggers as France won 19-12 in yesterday's quarter final.
Instead, the pop mogul's sidekick Sinitta is helping Craig Saggers and Joe Al-Smadi pick their songs and perfect their stage routines.
Powell (65) and Harrison had their stumps re-arranged by Martin Saggers yorkers, Robert Croft (17) slashed to give Saggers 3-59, then Adam Shantry was beaten for pace by Parnell to end the innings by five o'clock.
The introduction of Martin Saggers, who surprisingly was left out of the attack until the 40th over, brought about the dismissal of Di Venuto.
The ball swung as well as seamer and ex-Durham bowler Martin Saggers took the last four wickets for five runs in 19 balls