sail in

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2. To pass quickly and lightly through the air:
3. To move through the air with or as if with wings:
4. To proceed with ease, especially of expression:
phrasal verb
sail in
To start work on vigorously:
attack, go at, tackle, wade in (or into).
Idiom: hop to it.
phrasal verb
sail into
To set upon with violent force:

w>sail in

vi (inf: = enter argument) → sich einschalten
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We will make sure that we continue to safeguard these ships, the mariners who sail in them and the communities they serve.
I had always wanted to sail in a submarine but at at the time that was a strict no-no for anybody but the sailors and officers assigned to that particular vessel.
After giving a boost to the Indian Air Force by flying a Sukhoi jet and the Indian Army by riding a battle tank, Patil, as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Forces, yesterday created history by becoming the first woman head of state to sail in a warship.