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A modified surfboard having a single sail mounted on a mast that pivots on a ball joint, ridden while standing up.
intr.v. sail·board·ed, sail·board·ing, sail·boards
To ride on a sailboard; windsurf.

sail′board′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) the craft used for windsurfing, consisting of a moulded board like a surfboard, to which a mast bearing a single sail is attached by a swivel joint


(ˈseɪlˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a windsurfing board having a mount for a sail, a daggerboard, and a small skeg.
[1960–65, Amer.]
sail′board`er, n.
sail′board`ing, n.
راكِب الأمواج، مُتَزَلِّج على المَوْج
jadralna deska
yelkenli sörf


[ˈseɪlbɔːd] Nplancha f de windsurf


(seil) noun
1. a sheet of strong cloth spread to catch the wind, by which a ship is driven forward.
2. a journey in a ship. a sail in his yacht; a week's sail to the island.
3. an arm of a windmill.
1. (of a ship) to be moved by sails. The yacht sailed away.
2. to steer or navigate a ship or boat. He sailed (the boat) to the island.
3. to go in a ship or boat (with or without sails). I've never sailed through the Mediterranean.
4. to begin a voyage. The ship sails today; My aunt sailed today.
5. to travel on (the sea etc) in a ship. He sailed the North Sea.
6. to move steadily and easily. Clouds sailed across the sky; He sailed through his exams; She sailed into the room.
ˈsailboard noun
a windsurfer.
ˈsailing noun
the activity or sport of navigating a ship or boat that has sails. Sailing is one of his hobbies.
having a sail or sails. sailing-boat.
ˈsailor noun
a member of a ship's crew whose job is helping to sail a ship.
in full sail
with all the sails spread. The ship was in full sail.
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Joining David in welcoming surfers and media from around the world at the opening ceremony, Carlo Dallo Vedova, RS: X class president, presented two golden pins to Neil Pryde, designer of the RS: X sailboard, and H E Maitha al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and chairwoman of Oman Sail, in appreciation of their support.
Ten-year-old Becky Schroeder invented The Glow Sheet, Frank Epperson was only 11 when he invented the Popsicle[R] (originally called the "Epp-sicle"), and the "godfather of windsurfing," Peter Chilvers, was 12 when he created the very first sailboard.
I helped jumpstart Boardsports' snowboarding business - it used to be a surf and sailboard shop.
Both Redcar lifeboats were launched within seven minutes of the call after the windsurfer, from Nunthorpe, was spotted clinging to his disabled sailboard.
Three years ago, a man in his early 30s visited a sailboard store in Yokohama's Kanazawa Ward facing the Bay of Tokyo.
The whole trip and Beth's success so far has all been possible thanks to David LLoyd Leisure, Kirkby, Marine Lake Surf Tech and Southport Sailboard Association.
The challenge was to design and construct a 100% recyclable paper sailboard.
This medium assails them with images of a virtual world that is always mobile and being made new; the television shows beautiful young people as they sailboard, snowboard, skydive, and travel to exotic lands.
At Budrose beach, Jenny and Abdul set up rival sailboard hire businesses.
There are literally thousands of polymers around, each with different molecular configurations and different properties, making everything from artificial hearts to the sails on your sailboard.
At this year's show in Dallas, Amoco showed off a new sailboard, made by Shark Technology of Denver, that was recently converted from vinyl esters to Xycon hybrid resin in order to enhance stiffness in critical parts.
Four of the six won their class, one finished second (Anthony Nossiter in the Finn) and Krystal Weir was trying out the RS:X sailboard in her first major regatta.